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Forex options no deposit bonus can be defined as forex trading bonuses given by forex options brokers (binary option forex broker) to forex traders and credited into their live trading account with any form of initial fund commitment in the part of the forex trader. This only means that Forex options no deposit bonus are forex option bonuses that entails no previous cash deposit into a trading account.

Forex options no deposit bonus are known as rewards, offers and special promotions which are seen as forex trading compliments from different forex websites. This signifies that a forex trader must be fully registered with the desired website in other to get the bonus. These forex option no deposit bonus are totally free, they are not paid for and forex traders can make use of it in forex trading on an option website.


Forex options no deposit bonus is a type of welcome bonus that is specified only to new forex traders or customers. It totally has nothing to do with any form of initial cash deposit meaning that in other for a forex trader to access it, he doesn’t require to make any form of payment. All that is needed in a Forex options no deposit bonus is for a forex trader to be a new customer, make a legal registration and open a live forex trading account.

These two conditions (being a new and first timer and registration of a trading account) provides a forex trader with the total right to use the forex option no deposit bonus for all forex trades. In most scenarios, the Forex options no deposit bonus is represented by a particular sum of money that varies from 10 to 100 dollars and it is viewed as a free financial trading gift.

Forex options no deposit bonus are totally different from the forex option deposit bonus which are associated with deposit terms. These deposit bonus are initial payments made by a forex trader in other to access the available forex bonus.  These deposit bonuses have a required sum depending on the forex trading website. These forex option deposits are read in percentages meaning the more deposit a forex trader makes, the more bonus he will receive from the forex broker. 

In conclusion, Forex traders should make sure that they read and know the rules and regulations that is related with theForex options no deposit bonus in other not to be disappointed in the end.Forex options no deposit bonus are referred to as the most preferred forex bonus available for forex traders therefore forex traders should always be updated so as to not miss the opportunity when it arises. 


1. 100% Forex deposit bonuses. 
LiteForex always provides its clients with withdrawable Forex bonuses with free withdrawal of profit. Our current promotions include 100% Forex deposit bonuses. 

Follow the LiteForex news or stay in touch with our support team: individual deposit bonuses may be available upon request! With LiteForex, you can easily get a Forex bonus of 1 000 USD and more to your trading account. 

Forex deposit bonuses will help you expand your trading opportunities - additional credit funds are good for increasing the trade volume, and also the deposit bonus is an additional margin to maintain open positions. 

LiteForex clients also enjoy the return of the spread up to 7 dollars per lot on all instruments and compensation of payment system commission when depositing your account! Trading with LiteForex is ever convenient and profitable cooperation!

2. 10$ no deposit bonus forex
The 10 dollar no deposit bonus can be defined as a welcome bonus that is given to new and first time forex traders by forex brokers.

 The 10 dollar no deposit bonus is seen as one of the most favorable type of forex bonus because it does no come with any form of requirement on the part of the forex traders. 

This 10 dollar no deposit bonus is called a welcome bonus because it is only made available for beginners but it is only given once.

3. Zero Fees
Payment systems’ fees are reimbursed as balance funds when you make a deposit.

Make a deposit into your trading account with LiteForex and they will reimburse you for the deposit fee under the ZERO Fees promotion.

- To have a bank payment deposit fee reimbursed, a client shall contact our financial service ( and provide a payment confirmation copy (SWIFT copy containing the amount of payment and the amount of fees). As for other payment systems and cards, fee reimbursements are executed automatically.

- –°ompensation may be revised in case a client does not conduct any transactions.

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